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4 great ways to spend the time saved by using the Beer Piper Automated Line Cleaning system

The Beer Piper Line Cleaning system has been designed to reduce the time spent on the line cleaning process to as little as 5 ½ minutes. With hours being saved each week, we thought we’d offer some suggestions on how you can use the time on more pleasurable tasks.

Rave about your quality beers

David Cunningham, Programme Director of ‘There’s a Beer For That’, wrote recently in an article for the Morning Advertiser about the need for educating  customers about the beer currently being produced in the UK and around the world. Educating staff and turning customers on to a new way of thinking about beer will improve your sales and ultimately the profit you make over the bar. Many are being encouraged to offer “try before you buy” to customers. Read the full article here:

Revamp your bar menu

With chefs around the world creating great beer and food combinations, why not look at the potential for food pairings with the beers you stock? A good hoppy IPA, for example, marries perfectly with spices and light fruit. Bitterness accentuates salty and umami flavours like a good cheese and bacon burger! The good people at have a handy chart to get the conversation going among the bar and kitchen staff and your mouths watering.

Spruce up your surroundings

While we wouldn’t suggest calling in the local builders and removing walls, an interior that is inviting to customers will quickly turn them into regulars. You may be attached to that “You don’t have to be mad to work here but it helps” sign bought in a gift shop  thirty years ago but perhaps the right artefacts could turn your bar into a real talking point. We love the work by Andy Thornton and there are some fantastic ideas for pubs in the product range.

Get your game on

The pipes are clean, the bar is looking as inviting as a beach in summer and the menu rivals anything that Jamie Oliver might rustle up. Now’s the time to start perfecting those trick shots on the pool table and inviting other teams over for an inter-pub pool match. You can impress your opponents with the quality of your fayre, the outstanding decor and the amazing quality of your beer. Just let them guess how you managed to find the time to fit it all in!

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