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The Perfect Pint – Top Tips For Outstanding Publicans

Ever been told by a friend to avoid a certain pub because the beer was “off”? Every landlord worth his salt regards serving the perfect pint as a matter of honour. It’s your demonstration of affection for the quality product you sell. How is it that we still hear people talk of having had a “dodgy pint”?

We’ve been in the industry long enough to know that when the pub reputation is at stake, a quick checklist takes moments and a quick review to make sure your customers never have cause to grumble. Here are some top tips for outstanding publicans.

Don’t over pump
The enemy of beer, as all good landlords know, is oxygen. Over pumping occurs if the bartender is a little heavy handed; a smooth, fluid action when drawing the beer is what is needed. Oxidised beer has an unpleasant smell and the ale’s natural aromas will be masked by an odour and taste sometimes described as that of a wet cardboard box. (How anyone knows what a wet cardboard box tastes like is open to speculation!)

Timing is key
A beer needs to rest in the cellar for at least a day to clear. Serving a beer prematurely results in cloudiness and will be accompanied by a sulphurous or metallic taste. For optimum flavour, cask stock should be sold within three days. After this, customers will begin to notice a vinegary taste. Some may ask for a replacement, others might just turn around and not come back.

Light and temperature
Beer has to be treated carefully to keep its character as intended by the brewer. Fluctuations in temperature affect quality and it should be kept at a consistent (and ideal) 12°C or 54°F. Light, even from a fluorescent bulb for a short period will shorten the life of beer and too much exposure to UV damages hop particles.

Clean the lines
Those skin-like floaters in the beer are a sign of poor pipe cleanliness and likely to cause resentment among customers should they experience the unpleasant after effects. Yeast and other contaminants in the lines will destroy flavour as well as goodwill so it is vitally important to have a good cleanliness regime.

Beer Piper is passionate about pipe perfection and maintaining the quality of the beer served which is why we’ve been the leaders in programmed beer line cleaning systems for 27 years. We’ll make sure your lines are always at their cleanest, save you time in the cellar and save you money while you take care of your customers…and your precious reputation.

We’re so sure you’ll love the Beer Piper system that we would like to offer you a free trial, with no obligation. Call us now on 0800 458 9968 to find out more.

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