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Beer Piper BP4 is an amazing system. It saves you money and gives you peace of mind; I would definitely recommend.

Jo Dooley, Royal National College of Music

Beer Piper is extremely easy to use; it has saved us lots of man hours and minimised stock loss when line cleaning.

Kevin Melia,Dockyard, Media City

Advanced Beer Line Cleaning Systems.

Don’t let poor beer line cleaning ruin your beer. The time and passion that brewers put into their beer to deliver quality, freshness and flavour can be ruined in seconds by a draught system that is not
properly maintained.

Beer Piper engineer and manufacture the most technologically advanced beer line cleaning systems in the UK, using advanced electronics, digital innovation and accurate dosing technology to ensure maximum efficiency, convenience, safety and effectiveness.

Why choose Beer Piper?


Consistent, repeatable, programmed line cleaning every time. Fresh water final rinse/flush ensures no ‘after-clean’ taste.


With a selection of fast, effective cleaning programmes, you save valuable time. This also means you clean when you want to, and just as importantly, when you are open!


Using our beer line cleaning systems allows you to spread your cleans throughout the week, and the fast clean programmes offer the opportunity to clean during opening hours maximising the opportunities to sell the beer in the beer line immediately prior to cleaning. By the time your customers have finished their pint, Beer Piper has completed the line clean and you are ready to serve great pints again.


No more hand mixing hazardous cleaning chemicals in your cellar and with our neat under-bar drainage system, no more hazardous transporting of heavy jugs or buckets of water and diluted beer pipe cleaner to the nearest sink. Beer Piper’s sealed system mixes the neat beer line cleaner with fresh water directly into the lines, ensuring the correct dilution rate regardless of flow rates.


Easy and straightforward to use, Beer Piper can be used by any member of staff using our easy to follow picture guide. The bar control unit or tablet enables the system to be operated from the bar.

If you would like to know more about our beer pipe cleaning systems and the service we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us on:

See how much you could save with our beer line cleaning cost calculator.

What is the value of the beer you throw away on a manual line clean?

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