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Beer Piper at Brau Beviale 2023

Next generation BP5 launches at Brau 2023 in Nuremberg

The world’s premier brewing technology event, Brau 2023, is happening, and industry enthusiasts are gearing up for an unforgettable experience. The Beer Piper team are among the exhibitors making their mark at this prestigious event.

Brau 2023: The Epicenter of Brewing Excellence

Brau is a biennial trade fair that stands as the epitome of brewing excellence, drawing participants from around the globe. Showcasing the latest advancements in brewing technology, equipment, and services, Brau is a haven for brewers, industry experts, and enthusiasts alike. The event serves as a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and, most importantly, the unveiling of cutting-edge innovations that shape the future of brewing.

This year, Brau 2023 is set to surpass all expectations, featuring an array of exhibitors from various sectors of the brewing industry. From raw materials to state-of-the-art machinery, attendees can explore the entire brewing process under one roof. Seminars, workshops, and panel discussions led by industry leaders contribute to the wealth of knowledge disseminated at Brau, making it a must-attend event for anyone passionate about brewing.

Beer Piper’s Exciting Presence

Beer Piper, a frontrunner in automated beer line cleaning solutions, is thrilled to be participating in Brau 2023. With a legacy of delivering innovative solutions, Beer Piper is set to make waves with the launch of our much-anticipated BP5 machine. Our next generation automated beer line cleaning system incorporates all the amazing capabilities of its predecessors as well as a host of new game-changing features.

Beer Piper replicates a traditional manual beer line cleaning sequence: flushing with water, dosing with chemicals, leaving to soak and ending with a final flush of water, while recording and reporting every step to the Beer Piper cloud-based portal.  Through the increased chemical dosing volume and high flow action, Beer Piper can greatly reduce the time taken to clean your beer lines – providing you with the opportunity to clean them even when open and trading.

The BP5 machine represents Beer Piper’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of brewing automation. Its advanced features, precision engineering, and user-friendly interface make it a game-changer – new features include:

• 8” intuitive and user-friendly touch screen
• 4G/5G connectivity so not reliant on Wi-Fi
• GPS location tracking
• Fully remote and controllable globally
• Improved support – full visibility

What to Expect at Beer Piper’s Booth

Beer Piper’s booth at Brau 2023 is expected to be a hub of activity, the team will be on hand to discuss the capabilities of the BP5 machine, answer questions, and provide insights into how this innovation can elevate beer line cleaning operations.

In addition to the BP5 machine launch, Beer Piper will also showcase their existing product line-up, highlighting the versatility and adaptability of their automated solutions. They’ve also partnered with Chemisphere – the only chemicals they recommend for use with their machines and will be handing out samples of their new game-changing cleaning powders.

If you’re at Brau, come and say hi!  We’ll be on stand 209 in Hall 5.  If you won’t be attending, drop us a line and we’d be more than happy to have a chat about the Beer Piper system and how it can benefit your business –

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