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BP5 Fixed or Portable

Our next generation automated beer line cleaning system incorporates all the amazing capabilities of its predecessors as well as a host of new game-changing features.

Beer Piper replicates a traditional manual beer line cleaning sequence: flushing with water, dosing with chemicals, leaving to soak and ending with a final flush of water, while recording and reporting every step to the Beer Piper cloud-based portal.

Through the increased chemical dosing volume and high flow action, Beer Piper can greatly reduce the time taken to clean your beer lines – providing you with the opportunity to clean them even when open and trading.

Manual beer line cleaning is a necessary but arduous and time-consuming task. Beer Piper allows your staff to clean the lines by replicating the sequence of the traditional wet-wash method – but in a fraction of the time and with minimal manual intervention.


Beer Piper combines innovative technology with practical design to ensure you maximise your profits and maintain a healthy reputation for serving perfect beer, every time.


Features Include:

• 8” intuitive and user-friendly touch screen 

• 4G/5G connectivity so not reliant on Wi-Fi 

• GPS location tracking 

• Fully remote and controllable globally 

• Improved support – full visibility 

• High flow water pump 

• Precise ceramic head chemical dosing pump 

• Advance chemical mixer unit 

• Conductivity sensor 

• Accurate flow meter

As well as all of the features of its predecessors.

Beer Piper’s line cleaning systems ensure consistently clean lines for ‘pipe perfection’ time after time. Well maintained pipes deliver a great pint and will help maintain a good reputation as a quality licensed venue, ensuring customers return time and time again.

To talk about the benefits of our line cleaning systems, please call us on 0300 303 2709 and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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