beer piper

What is the value of the beer you throw away on a manual line clean?

See how much you can save using our advanced beer line cleaning technology.

Complete the boxes below for a rough calculation.

Enter Bar Name i.e. Main Bar, Lounge Bar, Games Room, Function Room No. Taps Pts. In Line Avg £'s Pt.
retail value of beer poured away cleaning lines manually
how much of this can you save using beer piper
other cost savings available with beer piper
potential wage cost reduction
(approx 2hrs @ Nat. Living Wage)
potential savings on CO2
how much will beer piper cost me?
approximate weekly contribution to your bottom line
over a full 12 months beer piper could save you up to

Other benefits envisaged:
Saving of time/improved productivity/consistent beer quality/improved health & safety.

NB: The above savings is a theoretical maximum.
It shall be the responsibility of the user to establish during the trial period the actual value of the saving which is obtainable.

Free Trial

See if our system is right for you with a full installation at no cost on a 21 day, no obligation trial so you can try the system out for yourself in your own venue to verify the savings you can make.

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