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Craft Beer Giant BrewDog Ensures The Highest Quality Beer By Partnering With Beer Piper

Here’s what BrewDog had to say about their long-standing partnership with Beer Piper:

As the UK’s fastest growing brand and the top craft beer brand in the world, we need to be very selective when choosing partners to work with.  There needs to be a meeting of minds as well as the guarantee of high standards across the board.

As soon as we opened our first bar in Aberdeen back in 2010, we knew that any third parties we bought in had to meet our exacting standards as that’s what makes our beers so good.  That’s when we first became aware of Beer Piper.  Their automated beer line cleaning system was exactly what we needed to maintain our cellar, beer lines and ultimately, our standards.

We realised early on that our quality beers needed top quality ‘backstage’ support in order to shine.  This meant the best cellar management and beer line cleaning.  The beauty of Beer Piper is it’s simplicity.  The machine is installed in our cellars and is fully automated to manage all the beer line cleans.  It’s all controlled through a simple app and means that our staff are not tied up carrying out timely manual cleans, nor do they have to come into contact with any chemicals.

Not only is the Beer Piper system an integral part of our cellar management across all of our sites, but it has become a vital part of our cost management and sustainability goals.  The Beer Save functionality has drastically reduced the amount of beer wastage across our sites and this has massive implications for cost savings.  Their next-generation machines have been game changers for us as they’re wi-fi enabled and the Beer Piper portal allows us to view the entire BrewDog estate and see exactly when and where lines have been cleaned.

All of these factors have resulted in Beer Piper being our go-to system for all BrewDog sites with it being installed in our bars throughout the UK and into Europe (including some franchises).  As soon as we notify Beer Piper of a new site opening they arrange a prompt, hassle-free install and full staff training – again, enabling us to take advantage of more cost savings, consistency and ease of use.  But if we do need any additional support Beer Piper’s team are always at the end of the phone to offer help and advice, or if necessary they are quick to come out in person and troubleshoot.

The Beer Piper system performs best when used in conjunction with their sister company’s superior chemicals.  Chemisphere UK produced the world’s first purple beer line cleaner, which changes colour if the line is dirty, when it remains purple we can be confident that the lines are clean.  This is just invaluable as it eliminates any guesswork surrounding the presence of any yeast of bacteria.  The ease of a one-stop-shop can’t be underestimated.

We look forward to Brew Dog’s growth continuing to take shape and working with our carefully selected partners such as Beer Piper.  We’re excited about the benefits their new machines will offer as they’re research & development team are constantly striving to improve and deliver more.   I’m sure it will come as no surprise after reading this case study that I would have no hesitation in recommending the Beer Piper system and the fantastic team behind it.

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