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5 beer bloggers you should be following

It is said that everyone is a critic but the egalitarian nature of the internet has allowed the normally “Average Joe” to achieve a prominence and renown that those of us growing up a decade or more earlier found much more difficult.  

The world of beer has opinions galore, from the verbose bar hanger who waxes lyrical to anyone in earshot about first wort hopping to the self-proclaimed expert who quietly sneers at your black IPA as a poor substitute for his treacly stout.

Styles of beer, methods of brewing and the sheer range produced annually can be bewildering to those new to real ale and with so many people prepared to tell you what you “ought” to be drinking rather than what you currently have in your hand, it is welcome relief to know that there are some out there who provide genuine, friendly advice online. The beer blogger is your internet friend who, without regard for their own safety and driven only by passion for the beverage, gives us some informed and unbiased advice.

A great beer blogger can weave a narrative around your favourite tipple and enrich your beer drinking experience. We have selected 5 of our own favourite expert beer bloggers without whom the internet would be less entertaining.

Roger Protz –

A home-grown, award-winning legend in the field of beer writing with over 20 books in print, Roger Protz has transferred his journalistic prowess to the web seamlessly. The news element of the blog carries a sense of “if it’s not here, it’s not news” gravity and what it lacks in flashy graphics is more than compensated by authoritative reviews from a lifetime’s taste bud honing. Check out Beers of the Month to discover something to try.

Stonch’s Beer Blog –

Laid out like one of those pin boards in your local showing bar staff and punters past and present in various revellers poses, this blog reads like a real beer buddy is sharing thoughts over a few cheeky halves after work. Informative but never dull, just scroll on down the page and pick a photo at random, you’ll feel encouraged to chime in on the topics discussed.

Boak and Bailey’s Beer Blog –
There is a good chance you will have happened across this partnership on your casual beer surfing trips around the web. You may also have read one of their published works covering the beer heritage of this fair isle, Britannia. It’s fun to travel with them as they trot around the country and impart tales from all of those fascinating establishments that house the everyday ale lover.

Shut Up About Barclay Perkins –
This is a blog that you can lose yourself in for many happy hours. Beer-wise it’s all here; history, travel, another good old bar chat vibe. Written by Amsterdam resident Ron Pattinson, contributor to BeerAdvocate and author of a raft of books that look at beer styles, their origins and development, you’ll marvel at the sheer weight of historic recipes and knowledge of the brewing craft.

Melissa Cole –

Although still in the process of being rebuilt following a mindless hacker attack, “Taking the Beard Out of Beer” is a defiant title from award-winning author and beer expert in a still sadly male dominated world. International Beer Judge, Certified Cicerone, author, brewer and foodie is a pretty much all you’d want on a CV.

At Beer Piper we obviously love to post our thoughts and tips for publicans though couldn’t possibly compete with the five bloggers we picked as our personal favourites. We’re busy working on our innovative product that helps bars to save money while keeping beer as the brewer intended for the customer; there’s a limit to how much we can fit in a day!

If you’re serious about your ale, you’ll be obsessive about the cleanliness of your lines. Why not contact us today and find out how much beer you can save every week. You’ll also have a little extra time to see why the blog writers we follow keep us wanting to ensure each pint is perfect!

Image: Flickr Creative Commons/Tim Dobson

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