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5 Smart Phone Apps for Beer Lovers

A few weeks ago we featured our favourite beer bloggers, those who are renowned for their entertaining writing skills, their knowledge of the subject and their unshakeable commitment to the world of beer. 

As we said at the time, the internet has made everyone a critic with easy access to a forum; no longer are we reliant on the one self-proclaimed expert in our local to guide our beer discovery. That’s why for this post we thought it would be helpful to feature the apps that are enhancing our experience as we travel in search of the best that the world of brewing has to offer.

Beer Citizen

Already boasting an established website and social media presence, the team behind Beer Citizen have rightly embraced the mobile app so you can rate your beer on the move. Their mission is to gather as much data about the beer being drunk by the average, well, citizen. Rate what you’re drinking using the handy slider to give your verdict on appearance, scent, taste, etc. Stick a beer in the cooler (save to favourites) or add others to a wishlist for trying later based on the reviews of others. Available for iOS and Android. See the video here.


From Cask Marque, the sign by which beer drinkers are able to identify a decent watering hole, comes this highly comprehensive mobile app. A complete A to Z of ales with tasting notes and links to the brewery that created it, and a map of the Cask Marque accredited bars in the UK is supplemented by an Ale Trail. Register yourself on to the Ale Trail and can scan a QR code at each Cask Marque bar you visit in order to collect free gifts! Beer and prizes? What more could you ask for? Available for iOS and Android.

CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide

Not a free app unfortunately, this one will set you back £4.99 for a 12 month subscription to gain full access but as the print version is £12.99 (£10.00 for CAMRA members) it still represents reasonable value for money. There is a free version for those that don’t wish to shell out, however, so you will still be able to locate the nearest pub in your current location along with a list of facilities and what you can normally find on tap. Short on functionality but what it does, it handles well. Available for iOS and Android.

Perfect Pint

A database of over 20,000 pubs and close to 7000 beers stored within, you’re sure to be able to locate a decent ale. You can search by favourite style or flavour – hoppy, caramel, floral and so on – and Perfect Pint suggests a beer to match with, in most cases, a nearby place of purchase. It needs a little work to bring it to perfection but otherwise a well presented little addition to your smart phone while on a beer quest. Available for iOS and Android.

Beer Game

So you think you can recognise your beer labels? Select from a range of beer producing nations and try to identify the brand before the pint glass runs out. Hours of fun? Perhaps not as much as drinking the stuff itself but maybe a little challenge for your drinking companions. Android only.

Beer Piper

We don’t make apps that tell you where to drink, what to drink or even how. We do however have a highly intelligent beer line cleaning system that uses the very latest technology to record accurate data. Beer Piper will dose a beer line system with precisely the right amount of cleaning fluid to make sure the lines from which our favourite beverage is served are absolutely pristine. If you run a licensed establishment, find out more about our technological prowess by taking advantage of our free trial offer and experiencing the great advantages of Beer Piper for yourself.

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