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Display your products for better sales

In a busy bar there are so many distractions whether sport on the TV, flashing fruit machines or pool tables that it is essential that you attract customers gaze to the array of products you sell. When customers can’t see what is on offer they are unlikely to try something new and exciting like those guest ales you managed to secure at great expense.

Here are a few tips and ideas to get the most attention from your customers and perhaps steer them toward the fine array of products on offer and keep them coming back.

  • Bottles that are neatly arranged in lines with labels outermost on the shelf looks best and allows you the opportunity to create interesting colour combinations. Keep customers eye directed towards the bar, not the television set.
  • Promotional items from suppliers are designed to be eye-catching and sell products but many times we have come across boxes of free point of sale material languishing in cellars and in cupboards. It’s free; why not make good use of it?
  • The customer’s eyes are naturally drawn toward the till when standing at a bar so it is prime advertising space! Other hot spots include the optic rail, eye level locations on typical routes to the bar such as pillars if you have them, and for gentlemen, try the wall behind the urinal!
  • Use product quantity to reinforce the effect, i.e. putting two or more of the same product together. Placing more of a product in a single display creates a powerful effect as anyone who remembers bean-tin pyramids in comedy films will be aware. Just make sure that if you’re planning to stack items, they are safe and can’t be demolished.
  • Chalk boards are fine for displaying guest ales but put them in places that don’t cause neck injuries when to trying to read along the list. If people have to step back away from the bar, and gaze skyward, it’s possibly too high.
  • All displays have to be spotlessly clean to maintain impact. Admittedly the hint of dust from a well cellared cask offers a touch of authenticity to the experience but savvy customers know that a clean bar is one that can be trusted to cellar their beer correctly.

At Beer Piper we want your establishment to stay profitable which is why preventing wasted beer during the weekly line clean and reducing the time you spend to perform the clean is our mission.

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