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Avoid the January slump

The pub trade always looks like the place to be during the festivities of Christmas and New Year when customers are eating, drinking and being merry. This can all look a long way off when in the midst of a January slump.  

Looking for ways to give your business a boost may well be keeping you awake at night. The weather doesn’t lend itself to capitalising on outdoor revelry and cash strapped customers are feeling the financial effects of over indulgence in December. We have some tips on what you can do to prepare for the inevitable down time.

Let’s start with the obvious – promotions. “We run promotions all year!” I hear you cry, however January is a great time to keep your food business ticking over with the package of a free pint / soft drink. “Pie and a pint” or “curry and a pint” for a fixed price are good for assuaging the guilt customers might feel while they nurse festive overdrafts. The deal aspect of a free beer along with hearty fare means customers can lift their own January blues while cementing you in their minds for the fairer days ahead.

Loyalty schemes
Loyalty cards are a good way to bring customers back through the door. Let’s face it, we all love to fill a card with lovely stamps and might even stretch a swift half to two or three if we’re nearing the finishing point. In a mobile-centric world, there are phone apps available that allow you to set up loyalty programs that also gather data on your customers and give you an opportunity to create tailored offers.

Social media
Social media is a great way of appealing to the dormant customer who may feel they are potentially missing out on something that is going on. Tweet your offers regularly, create some eye-catching Facebook posts and encourage people to join the conversation. You could also schedule a photo shoot of your knockout dishes for use in your posts throughout the year. Many businesses experience a slow down at this time of year so you may be able to secure a deal for yourself with a local photographer.

Pre-Spring clean
The same may be true of tradesmen; painters and decorators, flooring specialists, etc. Is it time to schedule a little interior face lift while there is some breathing space from the usual mayhem?

Optimise, organise & modernise
Look at ways to make your operation more efficient, for example, in the cellar. The beer line cleaning that adds several hours to your week can be streamlined very easily with the aid of Beer Piper. Not only will we give you the opportunity to trial the system to fully evaluate your savings but you’ll also gain on the amount of beer sold. A clean beer line improves yields, keeps your customer happy and with Beer Piper, you can sell virtually all the beer in the line before a clean is carried out.

We can’t promise you a packed bar but hope we have given some food for thought. And don’t forget, you’ve nothing to lose from a free trial. Call us now for your no obligation survey.

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