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Pubs that clean their lines regularly are cleaning up on profits

In an official report published recently it was found that cleaning beer lines effectively had a massive impact on bar profits.  

The survey found that only 71% of beer lines in the more than 9,000 pubs in the UK taking part in the survey were cleaned sufficiently to yield projected volumes of beer. This equates in worst cases to 50 barrels a year, or around £50,000, between a bar that cleans its lines as recommended and one that doesn’t.

Customer interest in a premium experience has been on the rise for many years and the renewed vigour injected by craft beer and cider into the leisure industry has meant that lower quality venues are being rejected in favour of those that can provide genuine quality. The report led by industry giants Casque Mark showed that 90% of consumers said that beer quality was essential to their venue selection.

Dirty glassware and beer ruined by poor cellar management were also highlighted as impacting the consumer experience. If a venue isn’t offering what its customers expect, they are choosing to drink elsewhere.

With the numbers of weekly pub closures an alarming trend, those that will continue to serve are those that continue to appeal to the needs of the customer. Beer Piper has always championed the landlord and has been adding value to its customers since 1988.

Installing Beer Piper in your cellar offers the opportunity to perform a thorough line clean while the bar is still open and also means you can sell virtually all the beer in the line before cleaning, significantly reducing the amount of waste that comes with manual cleaning.

If you’re worried about the amount of waste beer you generate every time you clean your lines, it’s time you spoke to us. We’ll give you a no obligation trial period with free installation so you can experience the convenience and savings you can expect from Beer Piper for yourself.

Give your profits a boost today – contact us now.

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